Sensi is overall a culinary Italian art, born and studied to satisfy your five senses. In the Sathorn Business district, peacefully hidden away from the conjestion of cars and fumes, guarded by two beautiful trees at the gate, in a fully restructured Thai house, was born Sensi. A chic and elegant decor, with full clothed tables and soft music atmosphere, are the first ingredients to transform your evening into a tale.

Our cuisine is well known among most refined Bangkok palates. From the live atmosphere of the chef's table, one can hear, see, touch, smell and taste the transformations of ingredients, foods and aromas before being served. A team of professional waiters will accompany you through the course of degustations created by visiting Michelin star chefs, to satisfy your indulgence. A selection of Italian seducing wines, top quality home harvested imported Italian products, are the main reasons that make Sensi your ultimate choice, for a wonderful fine dining experience.”